Why use us

Extra space:

Reclaim your garage, spare room, office, or make room for a growing family by storing things that you only need occasionally or at certain times of the year. Stack & Stow Self Storage will keep them safe and sound for you, allowing you to free up valuable extra space in your home or office.

Home improvements:

You might be looking to renovate and need to clear away some of the clutter to give yourself room to work. Whether it’s a major home improvement or a DIY decorating project, storing with us ensures you’ll complete the job in far less time and protect your belongings from damage.

Self Storage Wyong


De-cluttering your home can help you achieve a faster sale and higher asking price. Storing your belongings with us while you sell your home can make the process stress free. We understand that moving, contracts and settlement periods may not go quite to plan, which means you can simply store your possessions with us, organised to move into your new home when it is ready.


Keep valuable and personal items safe while taking a holiday, especially if you’re renting out your home while you’re away. Store recreational vehicles when not in use or if there is no more space in your garage these can include boats, motor homes, caravans, motorcycles and cars. Store sports equipment and bulky leisure items such as surfboards or windsurfers, either on a seasonal or more permanent basis.


Why bother to take your possessions home when term ends? Store your valuable desk, books, stereo equipment and other belongings ready for your return next term.


If your business is relocating, restructuring or expanding you may need extra space to store important files, equipment or spare furniture. Maybe you have large amounts of stock using up valuable space or your field staff needs local storage. Use our space to free up yours.




Storage options:

Rentals & insurance: